The Lark Conservatory of Music offers a rich and ever-expanding course of after-school and Saturday instruction in music theory and practice. The comprehensive system is designed to imbue students with a deep appreciation for the Armenian and Western classical music repertoires, encouraging the development of future performers, scholars, and lovers of music.

Lark’s intensive curriculum offers participants the opportunity,

• To study fundamentals of harmony, counterpoint, music analysis, and composition;
• To master the valuable skills of sight singing and ear-training;
• To perform with one of Lark’s three performing entities (the choir, chimes, or percussion ensembles);
• And to take private lessons on a musical instrument, be it one of the familiar orchestral components, the piano, or the voice.

Students are also expected to participate in various extracurricular recitals and concerts, which work to help them acquire the understanding and expertise necessary to translate music training into performance art.

This education design exposes each student to music through various lenses, the ultimate goal being to impart an understanding of music that operates on three levels: Intellectual, Emotional, and Sensory. Armed as such, we believe, students will not only carry a heightened appreciation for musical traditions, but also a hunger to see them flourish in their direct communities throughout their lives.

While encouraging of individual talent, The Lark Conservatory program places a particular emphasis on the merits of ensemble activity over solo performance. It guards the belief that a team spirit is beneficial both to the musical maturity of individual students, as well as the general cultural enrichment of the community at large.

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