Mission Statement

The Mission of Lark:

In order for Armenian heritage to thrive in the Diaspora, it is critical to have community organizations such as churches and schools such as LARK. The mission of LARK is to serve as the musical and cultural brain trust for the Armenian community in Los Angeles – at LARK, music is studied, researched, created, published, felt, and performed by young and old.  In so doing, LARK instills the beauty of Armenian heritage, history and culture in the hearts and minds of our next generation and ensures that our collective voice will reverberate in the Diaspora for years to come. Through the beauty of music we will win the hearts and minds of our children and our community and this will strengthen our roots and preserve the Armenian identity in Los Angeles.

The Accolades of Lark:

  • More than 20 years of service to the Los Angeles community
  • Average annual student enrollment of 200 with ages ranging from 5 to 20 years old including not only children of Armenian descent but also children of non-Armenian descent
  • More than 300 performances featuring the works of Komitas, Sayat Nova, Chukajian, Mansourian, Khachaturian, and many other Armenian masters
  • More than 30 treatises and anthologies, including the translation of the complete writings of Komitas


Lark operates within a matrix composed of Armenian musical traditions alongside Western Classical Music. While Lark is dedicated to its specific cultural identity, it works to embrace the full scope of the world musical heritage and serves all music lovers in its extended community. The society’s goals are realized through three independent but integrated areas of activity:

1. Performance
2. Education
3. Publication

These three branches enable Lark Musical Society to:

• Function as a multi-disciplinary, non-profit, cultural organization, dedicated to the promotion and development of high aesthetic and intellectual values.

• Keep Armenian musical traditions alive in the Diaspora by:

° Fostering research, analysis, and historical inquiry into Armenian music for the enlightenment of scholars as well as laypersons;

° Presenting musical programs of the highest quality for the enrichment of the Los Angeles community at large;

° Inculcating the love of Armenian music among youth, shaping a new generation of accomplished Armenian musicians and music lovers.

• Encourage artistic activities in a systematic manner and create the means and structures that contribute to the development and diffusion of the Performing Arts.

• Integrate within the broader Southern California music community, ensuring the preservation of our artistic past and perpetuation of our cultural patrimony.

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