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The establishment of the Drazark Press by the Lark Musical Society must be considered as one of the most important aspects of this society’s overall educational mission. Over the years, LARK has published important books and monographs on various topics related to Armenian music, all of them the result of accomplished scholarly research and cultural commitment. One can easily surmise the general breadth and scope of Lark’s literary offerings from this list alone. Anyone with a serious interest in Armenian music could choose titles from among these works which could serve to increase his knowledge about the long and great tradition of musical creation and performance of this small, but productive people.

Formed in 1994, Drazark Press aims to publish and put into circulation two categories of texts:

• Works that have been developed, discovered, or compiled through Lark’s Research Department
• Works by musicologists and music scholars that address further aspects of Armenian Music and Cultural Life




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