Financial Contribution

          Lark relies on the support of its corporate and individual sponsors to remain operational and financially solvent. The bulk of our planned cultural and artistic ventures are made possible through the generosity of private benefactors and grants received on the city, county, and state levels.

          There are four avenues, outlined below, through which contributions toward the Lark Musical Society can be made. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization all donations are tax deductible. We greatly appreciate your support and welcome you to our family.


1.     In Kind Donations

This includes any and all donations in regards to goods, consultation, or services, rendered towards the betterment of facilities and execution of arts events.

2.     Classroom Sponsorships

Adopt a classroom or performance space on the Lark Campus in your own name. Contribute directly to the Lark facility, where gifts will go directly toward building maintenance, and leave a permanent and visible legacy.

3.     Project Support

Lark organizes numerous concerts, lectures, recitals, and artist gatherings throughout the year. We thankfully accept all donations made directly towards the realization of individual projects.


4.     Armenian Artifacts

Items of interest from the Armenian Heritage or to the Armenian culture may be donated for posterity to be featured alongside the existing collection of the Lark Library and Museum. Physical items of historical value as well as significant books and tracts relating to Armenian history and arts are welcome.


Please contact the Lark offices to discuss your donation in greater detail. Thank you for your continued and generous support!




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