As a non-profit community organization, Lark relies on devotees from its immediate community, whose direct action in day-to-day affairs ensures functionality and longevity. Volunteers from all backgrounds, interested in the propagation of music in the artistic life of Los Angeles as well as the advancement of Armenian culture are wholly welcome.

Lark’s volunteer force is comprised of community ativists, music lovers, student alumni, and dedicated parents who attend to every facet of Lark’s operations, from office administration and student life to project coordination and building management. Whether you are a student of Lark or simply a neighbor with a love for arts, we welcome your talents in helping Lark grow!


Every Lark function and concert event is realized through the careful planning and motivated action of independent organizational committees. Such committees are formed at the outset of each venture and take charge of its financial and operational success.

We welcome your input, ideas, and drive in one of our planning committees. Please contact the Lark offices to find out what activities are presently underway and which committee you might join.


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