Welcome to Lark

It has been a distinct privilege, over the last two decades, to spice the Los Angeles arts community with flavors of Armenian culture. During these years of continuous events programming, community organization, and arts promotion, I have held on to the belief that in culling from our past we can cultivate our present, and in cultivating our present we contribute to our future. This belief has shaped our efforts and guided each undertaking, helping define Lark Musical Society as a true cultural home.

It is central to Lark’s practicing philosophy, as an arts organization with a specific heritage, to fully embrace all that has survived across the centuries. Our Diaspora status does not negate our claim to the riches of our traditions. Our aim in rediscovering these treasures is to fully understand our roots – a knowledge that enables us to build on the shoulders of giants.

This looking into our past, therefore, is not a nostalgic enterprise, but a conscientious effort to transfer the spirit of our tradition into our achievements of tomorrow. In that vein Lark’s most dedicated endeavors focus on training and developing youth. It is of great personal importance that we strive to impart to our younger generations a profound impression of our values as artists and accomplishments as a people. I believe wholeheartedly that by influencing the way our children think through music, we will positively affect the change they carry forward in our nation and into the world.

Lark Society has always existed as a collective of musicians with a passion for the challenges posed in the performance of great classical and folk music. While musicianship remains the cornerstone of Lark’s activities, over these last twenty years we have broadened the umbrella, so to speak, seeking to become a hub for artists practicing in all mediums. Here, on this website, you will discover the full catalogue of activities that make up the Lark Musical Society.

Our day-to-day as a non-profit faces innumerable challenges. However, we are fueled by a passionate resistance against the more dire threat of losing our grasp on the tethers of cultural identity. We greatly appreciate your place in that communal struggle and within our family.

Vatsche Barsoumian
President, Lark Musical Society

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