Folk Instr. Ensemble

The Armenian Folk Song and Dance Ensemble was created for the specific purpose of protecting and proliferating music belonging to the popular Armenian tradition. The ensemble is a loose collection of artists within the Lark family who have particular mastery and knowledge of Armenian Folk Music practices. Their activities help to bring into general consciousness minstrel and folk work as well as introduce those instruments specific to the Armenian geography and heritage.

Productions of rare music and dance practices on rarely heard instruments performed in traditional garb have been a celebrated feature of Lark’s performance activities throughout the years. Cultural concerts have been organized, to great acclaim, at Occidental College, The Ford Amphitheatre, and Alex Theatre among others, and have introduced the American public to works by important folk music directors such as Armen Mandakounian, Rouben Altounian, and Michael Avetissian.

The AFSDE currently only meets intermittently, however Lark Society’s long-term plans hope to sponsor the ensemble on a permanent basis, making it a regular fixture in the cultural life of Los Angeles.

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